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The brand EIGERNESS was created to bring guests nearer to the uniqueness and exclusivity of Grindelwald. It offers five pillars of Wellness, Fine Food, Culture and Tradition, and Sustainability. All participants are marked with the appropriate corresponding label.
Multi-dimensional spas or a simple old-fashioned bath tub: the fresh mountain air and the majestic view for the summits are in themselves pure wellness. Relax in a bath of petals or fall asleep on a scented pillow - our health-care programme will enchant you.
The local products are an inspiration for an exceptional cuisine. Familiar and unfamiliar dishes are specially prepared with the freshest ingredients. Besides this, Grindelwald can boast a variety of home-made diary and bakery produce, sausages and cold meats.
Experience tradition and customs close-up. Learn from a carpenter's workshop all about the Velogemel, or have a try at making cheese. Go back in the time and learn about the traditional folklore dances or visit Grindelwald's museum and indulge in the myths and tales of the Eiger.
Active relaxation in the face of the Eiger. Outdoor activity but also spiritual fitness. Freshness for the body and soul. Observe wild animals during the day, perceptiveness at night. Discover a new creativity. Alternate from being active to simply enjoying the good things in life.
This is ecological and economical usage and protection. It is about preserving resources and critically debating climate change and glacier shrinking. It means promoting the use of renewable energies and supporting programmes, offers and experiences for involved sustainability in Grindelwald.